Friday, December 17, 2010

Enjoying our break at Venice beach before we head back to the MN snow and cold for Christmas!

We survived! I can't believe that our first year of grad school is already over. Just 2 more years to go! :) Thanks for those of you who have been praying for us- we have needed it and are so thankful to have this opportunity. We are learning so much and though it is an incredible amount of work, it has certainly been worth it.
We haven't been so great at staying updated with this blog, but plan to keep trying to do our best. Here are just a few images from the past few months...

We were able to get out of Pasadena for a weekend with friends from Fuller and went camping in the Angeles National Forest. It was so great to have a break and just relax and hang out. 

Our good friend, Christen, took this photo, you should check out her website- she's an amazing photographer!

We spent an afternoon at Huntington Gardens which is really beautiful at this time of year- actually felt like fall! We have a membership there so it has been neat to see the change of seasons that we often miss living in California. These were from the Japanese gardens

 There are still flowers everywhere no matter what the season. That is one thing I do love about living here. There is always some new kind of flower in bloom that I've never seen before.

We also made another trip out to AZ in October for Brett's cousin's wedding. Here is a picture of the bride and some of the cousins
And the siblings, minus Jake who wasn't able to make it down

We also never ended up getting pictures on here from Brett's brother's wedding. Jake and Catherine married on June 4th. We flew home for a few short days and were able to be there for it. We now also have another niece and nephew as Megan and Adam are now officially part of the family! 
 Catherine was such a beautiful bride!
 Brett's sister Brooke officiated the wedding 

Caught in the Act: The family couldn't help chowing down on the leftover cake at the end of the night!

Well, that's all for now.... but hopefully we'll update a bit more over the break! Thanks for following and Merry Christmas! :)

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