Saturday, January 15, 2011

A White Christmas in Minnesota 

The explanation for this first photo: The night before we left for MN, we finally decided to break open our Italian bottle of wine that we had been saving for a "special occasion". Well, simplicity at its best, we decided just to go for an ordinary night with a homemade pizza as special enough. This bottle of wine was bought by us on our Italy vacation summer 2009, hauled back to Norway, then back to the U.S. and out here to CA- one well-traveled treat and it was delicious. :)
Our 2 weeks in Minnesota for Christmas and New Years were great- filled with family and a few friends. Brett and I somehow managed to divide time between our two families (being less than 10 minutes away, helps) but we certainly came back to Pasadena exhausted just in time for a new quarter, but more about that in another post. Minnesota certainly did not disappoint with playing up the Christmas-feel: there was a record amount of snow at this time of the year by the time we arrived!
Next door to my parents' house
Brett's family dog, Whitney, didn't seem quite in the Christmas spirit
Nice picture of my parents on "Kenow Family Christmas"- Dec. 23rd every year!
Present opening is much more eventful with kids around!
 Playing Guesstures with Brett's family
Sisters. My sister, Danielle, and my Grandma share a birthday on Dec. 28th. Turned 26 and 85!
Siblings and spouses- look at that snow!
 We spent a few days over New Years at Brett's parents' cabin in WI. With 11 people and 5 dogs, we still managed to get in a little relaxing time- reading or playing ipad games were the hits.
 We got to go snowshoeing as well- it was so beautiful and so quiet in the woods- I was in heaven!
The cabin crew by the giant snowman!

 We all went to a German restaurant for New Years- the light up plastic ice cubes in the glasses were a big hit!

 We were even able to squeeze in some time with a few friends from college. With Connie and Mike and their daughter, Naomi.
 Celebrating Danielle's birthday at the Dakota Jazz club with our friends, Amanda and Jordan. There was a really great Jazz pianist and singer performing.
All in all it was a blessing to be able to be "home" for Christmas. It was sad to leave not knowing when we will be able to make it back again. Hopefully in the days to come I will be able to post a little more about life in Pasadena (we are enjoying the few days of 80 degree weather we have been having!) and our hopes for the new year. Happy 2011!

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